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Solar Home Solutions (SHS) Solar Home Solution (or solar electricity) means turning natural daylight directly into electricity. It does not have to be direct sunlight, although the more intense the light, the higher the electrical power produced at any time.

We design all professional systems case by case using the most suitable products for the project. In bigger projects also the charge controllers are individually tailored to specific requirements to ensure optimal operation of the system.

RuthurEnergy solar electricity system can be customized to exactly suit the load requirement and later expanded in modular fashion. The modularity allows you to invest exactly according to your current needs. There is simply no need to invest in a larger system at the beginning in case your demand grows in future.

For security reasons, it is important that your office is well lit at night (especially after office hours) to ward off night marauders while also providing you with a beautiful scenery of your premises.

Our solar security/flood lights automatically come on at about 6:50pm and go off at about 7am round the year.


Engineer at Work - Setting up Solar Charge Controllers

Charge Controllers installed at one of our sites.
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