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Ruthur Energy Limited is a wholly-owned Nigerian company that is dedicated towards the development of energy in an environment with huge potentials and ready market.

The company’s desire to harness energy resources has led it to foray into alternative forms of power as well as the downstream oil sector of the economy. With a time tested and highly motivated human resource available to her, the company engages in projects over this broad energy spectrum that succinctly reflects its maxim of harnessing ‘a basketful of energy derivatives’.

Our business interests include:

+ Low Energy/High Luminosity Security Perimeter Lighting

Wind Power
Power Inverters
+ Downstream Oil Marketing

We have partnered with prominent wind turbine, solar panel & lighting product manufacturers in Asia, Europe and North America to deliver cost-effective, long-term solutions to West Africa’s epileptic power problems. Our partners in the wind turbine, solar panel, induction lighting & energy saving/efficient product categories are at forefront of global design, using cutting edge technology. 
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