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Solar Powered Traffic Lights
We in Ruthur Energy Ltd are concerned about the perennial traffic situations in most urban cities. The grid powered traffic lights have remained ineffective due to unstable power supply.

Our Solar Traffic Lights are enduring, and always on. It could either be off- or on-grid depending on budget and availability of grid supply. Whatever you choose, you are assured of a stable installation at a moderate cost.

It is controlled by micro-processor based special-purpose control system. This makes it completely automatic 24/7. Machine information may be preserved for more than 10 years. Automatic opening and closing time of the signal light may be established1-20 different cycles and time interval of signal may be adjusted as desired.

Stable Solar Powered Traffic Lights – Taiwo/Unity Junction, Ilorin

Stable Solar Powered Traffic Lights – Taiwo/Unity Junction, Ilorin
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