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Solar Water Heater
Solar water heater replaces your conventional electrical type using natural Sunlight to heat up water for bathing use. By Switching to Solar Water Heater one reduces the time the electrical element is on and saves you money.
How does a Solar Water Heater Works
Solar Water Heater makes use of the flat plate collectors to trap and transfer the thermal energy from the Sun to water within Solar Geysers.
Flat plate collectors provide the best solar solution for the African climate. This technology is reliable and designed for the harsh climates.
Cold Water entering the system is pushed down to the bottom of the panel. As the heat transfers to the water, the water rises up the panel due to the thermosphysphon principal and back to the Solar Tank. This cycle continues through the entire day while solar energy is available. Once night falls no more heat transfer occurs and the cold water remain in the panel locking the hot water safety in the Solar Tank.


                                                         On roof system
What happens in bad weather?
The Domestic Solar Water Heater is equipped with an electrical element which can be activated via a timer system. This works in conjunction with a thermostat to control the water temperature.
At the end of the day you will always have hot water whatever the weather condition.
This is one of the passionate installations of Ruthur Energy Ltd.
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