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Solar for Security or Street Lighting
This section attempts to briefly highlight our solution for the improvement of security lighting and reduction of cost of running diesel in your environment.  It is in respect of the following: 
1. Dusk to Dawn Solar Street Lights;
2. Dusk to Dawn Solar Security/Premises Lights.
To make the best use of solar (photovoltaic) modules, they must be placed outside, preferably in sunlight, where there is a lot of daylight. The light must fall on the active side with the photovoltaic cells showing. The best results are obtained when light falls in a uniform manner over this area. If even one of the photovoltaic cells is shaded, the performance of the module will be reduced considerably.  This is the basis of our design consideration in RUTHURENERGY

During the day, the solar electricity produced by the solar array powers the load equipment and charges the battery bank.   Power travels from the inverter to your electrical service panel (your breaker box). The power from the electrical panel will be distributed to any electrical loads in your home.

At any time when necessary, day or night, the load can draw power from the battery. The charge controller prevents excessive overcharging of the battery and will also disconnect the load if the battery becomes discharged too deeply. 
At a height of 4.5m or more, we deploy special LED bulbs that come with 5-year warranty accompanied by solar panels of 25-year warranty.      
Our Solar Powered Street/Security Lights are designed for 12 hours (dusk-dawn) daily operation. During an unusually bad weather these systems are designed to be always-on. 

Double-Arm Solar Street  Lights – Taraba State University, Jalingo, Taraba State

Night View - Double-Arm Solar Street  Lights – Taraba State University,  Jalingo, Taraba State


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