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Ruthur Energy Ltd offers an efficient mix of high luminosity low energy AC LED flood/security lamps and durable and reliable inverter/battery-bank system that  powers these low wattage lamps along with neon signs (where desirable) for upwards of 12 hours and beyond depending on the load to power ratio.

The beauty of this system is that it serves the dual role of providing security lighting, and advertising the businesses at night whether or not there is the presence of grid power. With this contraption, businesses and corporate bodies wouldn’t require the use of power generators even in the absence of power from the public grid system for security purposes at night.

Our highly efficient IP65 compliant LED AC flood lights are equipped with very reliable and effective reflectors that make the intensity and coverage of the lamps most suitable for security surveillance.

This installation can also be done using solar modules in a hybrid fashion, and inverter/battery banks to achieve added autonomy as desirable.

LED low energy/high luminosity flood lamp.

Installed Flood lamps with stirrups
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